Advantages Of A Pet Sitter

I am so pleasantly surprised each time we receive a phone call inquiring about pet sitting services and the frequent response of “I had no idea about this wonderful service”! or something to that affect. It gives me the opportunity to share the incredible benefits of using a reputable and professional pet sitting service! I’m excited for the client and I am super excited for the 2 or 4 legged client also because it means the following…

#1 ) No more Kennels ( and that is Kenneling when the dog and owners do not wish for this option ).
#2 ) Less stress on your pets. Pets are happier at home!!!. It’s their home – sweet – home too and given a choice that’s where they would want to be!
#3) Continuation of your pet/s diet , sleeping, eliminating and diet routines. Pets are healthiest when these things are not interrupted.
#4) No exposure to illness! A Biggy! You greatly reduce if not eliminate exposure to other sick animals.
#6 ) Get some freedom back . Once a client you’ll have more opportunity for daytime, weekend travel. Whether a day trip or working late at work, a Professional Pet Sitting Company who offers these services will have you covered. Go on! Enjoy your life guilt free!
#7) Crime deterrent. Having a Professional Pet Sitter stopping by your home can deter crime. Someone is coming and going.
#8) No Travel for you – you don’t have to lug all your pets belongings anywhere. Your pet stays at home with all his or her favorite toys, food and bed!.
#9) Special Services – Professional Pet Sitters often include or at least offer you home care services such as watering plants, picking up your mail, newspapers, altering blinds, lights, ensuring your water pipes haven’t frozen up in winter, watering the grass and gardens outside.
#10) Peace of Mind – If you have a Professional Pet Sitter, you instantly gain “Peach Of Mind”. With all the above benefits listed, wouldn’t you feel better leaving your 2 and 4 legged friend to enjoy a family vacation knowing he is professional hands, capable of dealing with emergencies, your home is being watched and cared for and on top of it all…just to add a little cherry on top – you’ll also get email updates and pictures of your furbaby enjoying his own mini vacation!

Now that’s what we call living!

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